Discord Rules:

  • Be respectful to each other, no discrimination or prejudice!
  • Being racist will result in a ban.
  • Keep the chat in english.
  • Don’t discuss in #general chat, if you want to discuss some issues do it directly with the person in DM’s
  • Anyone seen trying to beat the banned words by changing the letters will be gagged. We are trying to make a friendly community, the words are banned for a reason.

    How to get in Public Scrims:

  • IMPORTANT: To add a roster to the scrim team you must message a Mod on discord. You must have at least 5 members to add a team. Message him with your team name and members.
  • Organisations or “Clans” can only have up to 2 teams in the scrims, and they must have different team names.
  • Changing players in your roster is allowed, if you change more than 3 players in your roster your wins will be lost and you will start fresh.

    Game/Scrim Rules:

  • Respect the discord rules, staff, and other players.
  • Your team must have an established team name (does not have to be a pro org)
    4 members of said roster must have been active on the team during the match to count the win for said team.
  • Every player should have the right name during scrims. Having the wrong name may result in no win after submitting evidence.
  • The win evidence should be minimum 3 minutes long and you will have to submit it >here<..
  • We need to see 3+ other scrims teams in your win evidence to count the win.
  • You have to send your evidence latest one day after the scrim-day you won, if it’s 2 days later, win won’t get counted.
  • Wins are updated as and when we have time to do so.
    Please refrain from asking about it.
  • Getting caught stream sniping will result in a ban from discord. To all streamers; put a delay on if you wish to protect yourself.