Public Scrim Leaderboards


We will keep track of scrim wins here to the best of our ability. Total wins will be listed next to team names above. We will only be keeping track of TEAMS (set rosters).


  1. Must Have Established Team Name (does not have to be a pro org)
  2. Set Roster
  3. 4 members of said roster must have been active on the team during the match to count the win for said team.
  4. We need to see 3+ other scrims teams in your win evidence to count the win.
  5. Respect the discord rules, staff, and other players.


Revenge EU & ORG TEAMS: Teams that play in the Revenge hosted 5s and/or represent an org but do not have a set contract with said org.

PLEBS: All plebs

Any questions ask MountainFPS, mNaliCious or Bashti89