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Post Date: Friday, September 1st, 2017

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  • New revenge 5s!

    Hello guys and girls,

    We’ve been granted the 5s functionality with the new update and we’re super excited to get it running seriously. As of now we haven’t really had any way to qualify into the tournaments because it’s just been a test run. From now on we will be qualifying teams into the waiting list then deciding through the mod team which team’s we’re going to take.


    How does Revenge EU 5s work?

    • 15 teams totaling up to 75 players.
    • Teams were picked based on previous performance and scrim wins.
    • Big organisation teams have already proved they’re good players e.g (Epsilon, vitality etc) these players have the first spots into the server.
    • The bottom team with the least points are disqualified from the server(kicked) to make entry for new teams. This happens every 3 weeks.


    So what’s changing?

    We’re changing the qualification process. To enter the waiting list, you must have 10+ wins on the public scrims leaderboard in any month(not overall). We want teams to stick together and prove they can win.

    Once your team is on the waiting list we will decide every 3 weeks who to take. If you’re on the waiting list and want to know why your team wasn’t picked then feel free to message me and I will explain who/why we picked.

    I know 3 weeks is a pretty long ass time but 75 players are pushing the maximum amount of people already. It’s very difficult to select teams based on ‘we’re really good players mountain’. We only have 1 server and we can only take 15 teams out of 100’s. Sorry if you’re feeling left out. I hope to have a better system implemented in the future.

    Just to clarify, a lot of the teams currently in revenge can achieve 10 wins easily in public scrims, what I’m saying is if you’re finding it hard to achieve 10 wins; you might want to consider practising more before moaning.

    10 wins will apply to every team that isn’t currently contracted by a big Organisation. This shows dedication more than anything, it shows you want to play..


    Lastly we’re working on prizing now we have funtionality with 5s. If anyone is interested in helping out with prizing you can contact




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