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  • Combat update thoughts, H1 future

    Pre warning, this is going to be extremely long and detailed because I like to Ramble. I will group everything I have to say in categories.


    Combat Update

    I decided to give the update a couple of weeks and a good number of hours before I voiced my opinion to daybreak. I’m going to put my points in order of severity; what I think should be looked at first. I want to firstly say that this game must make changes for it to grow, I understand that. I also understand that you need to keep old players happy while introducing new features. You cannot please everybody I get it, there must be a middle ground, but this update is NOT a middle ground.


    Bullet speed/drop

    Right from the update release I was not happy about bullet drop being taken away, I strongly believe bullet drop was/is the core of H1Z1. Since pretty much every outplay mechanic has slowly been reduced to nothing bullet drop was the last thing on the menu, taking away this steep learning curve has severely reduced the skill gap in H1Z1, I don’t believe bloom is the number one issue of this update, I think bullet drop HAS to be in this game and it already had a great place. As of now I can get shot across the map, 200/300m away by a person with 0 hours in the game, I remember the whole reason magnum was nerfed was because people were dying across the map, the same thing is now happening with the AR-15, my helmet is popped so many times during a competitive 5s game now it’s unreal, there is no way these shots would have happened pre-update.

    The core issue here is the game is just too easy, it’s so easy to body shot across the map now it’s a joke, this game was played by many people because of its steep learning curve. Taking this away was your number one mistake even though people are focusing on bloom I know for a fact after bloom is addressed/changed this will be the next thing on the agenda, at the moment people are just blinded and so frustrated with bloom that they’re not even considering bullet drop.


    What’s the fix?

     Decrease bullet speed slightly so it still has a snappy feel, increase the bullet drop back to the same feel as it was before, we all must re-learn it regardless so everybody is in the same boat.


    What’s the noob friendly fix?

    Training mode where you can practice bullet drop at certain distances with realistic in game models, explain bullet drop in detail before a player starts the game for the first time, a tutorial if you must. New players need this, I cannot stress this enough you lose players instantly because they have no idea what they’re doing, even now..



    Hehe, where shall I start? I understand the theory behind this mechanic, bring it in to reduce people’s strong desire to spam, it’s a fact new player’s spam their gun because they don’t know any better, coming back to tutorials, do you think these new players have any idea what bloom is? Even some pro players didn’t understand bloom at the start. Change requires explanation, why introduce bloom? What does it do? What do you have to do to combat bloom? How is bloom going to SAVE H1Z1?! These questions followed by answers are a good place to start.

    Moving on, I don’t have that much of a problem with bloom, because I’m not a spammer, but at this present moment in time being a precise shooter does not give an advantage against a M1 spammer. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, a M1 spammer can kill me in under a second IF he’s lucky(they don’t have to be that lucky). A precision aimer can do the same thing but it requires skill not the randomization of bullets. That’s not what you’re trying to accomplish, what you’re trying to accomplish is a skillful player beats an unskillful player 9/10. A spammer should be punished for spamming their weapon, that’s what you’re trying to achieve but you’re failing.

    I believe you’re failing this because your bloom pattern is far too small and consistent, I want to see shit hitting the fan when people spray the AR, I want to see guns going up into the damn air when you click too fast, I want players to be punished severely for pulling that trigger too damn quick. I liked the latest hotfix adding 60% more bloom after the 3rd bullet but it didn’t help, so what are you waiting for? Increase it even more, what is the harm in testing these features, you’ve already introduced them! Force players to shoot with precision, getting a two tap should be difficult and rewarding, going for headshots should be difficult and rewarding!


    What’s the fix?

    Increase bloom drastically when spamming mouse 1.


    What’s the noob friendly fix?

    Video explanations, documentation of bloom and it’s workings, explain why when you spam your weapon you’re punished in terms of inaccuracy, make sure they know the first thing they need to learn is to pace their shots, to practice precision over quick firing.

    New POI’s and gas ending’s

    When I hear new POI I instantly get scared of another building central where campers can sit all game and hit high placements, I don’t think we need any more building POI’s.


    Points Of Interest

    Alright let me get straight to the point, I hate building POI’s I don’t mind PV, I don’t mind cranberry, I don’t mind Rancho but I despise every single one of the new POI’s since the car scrapyard near PV. They’re not what the game needs AT ALL. The game needs new ridges, new dips, maybe even some cool ass trenches, cliffs, small hills with various rocks they need variation not buildings… I would love some of these POI’s to be taken away and replaced with cool outside areas like small valleys/ hills/ trenches / different rock formations. I think this could really help the competitive side of H1Z1 and I’m talking mostly competitive in this section(POI section). We play competitive 5s every Monday/wed/Friday for around 4 hours, these games are always ending inside buildings, the team with the safe zone wins every time that’s not variation that is RNG madness.

    If you’re not going to replace buildings with outside areas then at least have it so the gas endings veer away from buildings, let us fight it out on a hill or in a forest or better a new outside area created by you, not a copy and paste of buildings. Building endings give us little strategy to work with and a lot of randomness, when it’s ending 5v5 in a forest there is still more skill involved than buildings. Please, please stop adding new building POI’s and start adding outside variations to the game that spark new interest and give better endings.


    Mechanical adjustments and outplay

    When I talk about mechanical adjustments I’m referring to crouching, proning and movement. The mechanical outplay when playing Z1 was beautiful and diverse, there was prone, crouch, jump shooting and seat swapping. I’m not saying these deserve to be back in the game but I think the movement is so stale and static right now it doesn’t bring anything to the game, most of the time I just stand up straight and fire, occasionally using crouch to peak shoot behind things which never works because it takes an hour to bend my knees.



    The crouch state right now is just so horrible and unfriendly, you have to go through a whole animation to hit the ground it is virtually pointless to crouch, the only time it’s useful is when taking cover. Crouch spam before wasn’t in the worst state but I can’t really say it was in a good state either, the solution here is to just put a timer on crouches so you can only do so many. Revert to old crouching so it’s fluid and brings a variation to the game.



    This mechanical has no use what so ever? Why is it even in the game, I could unbind my prone and still be fine. I think there should be a timer on prone, you should hit the ground almost immediately and be able to get up fairly quickly, after that you cannot prone for another 5 seconds(just an example). It takes a good amount of skill/reaction time to hit that prone button at the right time, I do think you should be punished with aim slightly when u hit the floor but apart from that it’s a great way combat close range fights.


    Seat swapping

    I see a lot of players mention seat swapping, this was a fun mechanic but I don’t think it is necessary to bring back into the game, if it ever was brought back then you shouldn’t be able to shoot through frames inside the car and the car should grind to a halt very quickly. I wouldn’t be against this being put in the game because I did really love it but I also hated the fact you couldn’t shoot into the car without hitting the frame all the time.


    Jump shooting

    Again, I thought this mechanic was a lot of fun but I don’t think it has a place in the current H1 meta, it fucked up the hitboxes combined with desync is was just a nightmare to counter.



    New instant throwables are great but you need to add a bigger capacity on nades, I’ve seen people with 20+ nades. If you want 20 nades, fine! But you have to sacrifice your capacity and drop other things to make room. I also don’t like the grenade arc, I think it’s too noob friendly and grenade placement should be learnt through skill and trial and error.



    This update requires a small amount of skill, I dreamt about H1Z1 back in Z1, I used to wake up excited to start my PC and just grind the shit out of this beautiful game. I know so many people out there feel the same, they couldn’t wait to start up H1 and hear that crisp sound of the loading screen, you guys know what I’m talking about.

    I want H1 to be like that again and I think the reason we all loved it was because we were super thrilled when we finally learnt that bullet drop, we two tapped a guy across the map 200m away aiming 5 dots up into the air! We got a rush from outplaying someone with a prone at the perfect second, we threw a perfect nade arc without a visual display and got rewarded for learning the arc. Everything is so easy and simple now, it’s all just too boring honestly.. This isn’t the game people came to play, they want arcade, skill, outplay and most of all they want to be rewarded for their accuracy!



    I wrote this kind of late at night so sorry for punctuation and tense mix ups.

    Thanks for reading,


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