What is Scrims?

Training matches for upcoming events/tournaments

How do I register my team for scrims? 

Please send a discord message to Gio, raphi, mountain or Kingling to register your team(Find him in the mod section on discord), provide your team name and team members. You can only make changes to your team for the first week of the month. E.G if its january 1st u have until january 8th at midnight to submit roster changes. New rosters can be added at any time.

What do we have to do in public 5s scrims?

The Teamleader of the scrim teams are joining the “Joining queues channel” and wait for a coundown, given by one of the red marked admins. 5-4-3-2-1-Queue – then your lobbyleader clicks “Join” so the most of the teams are getting in one lobby / its happening on public EU Servers!

If you won a 5s public scrim

@everyone if u win a Scrim game pls send us your win >here< (2 last mins of the game uploaded to youtube, or your choice or link the twitch broadcast with time to look at)

How do I participate in tier 2 and tier 1 Revenge EU hosted games server?

To join the hosted games server you will need a total of 15 public scrim wins, these wins will need to be submitted and accepted by our moderators. Once you have 15 wins you will be placed in tier 2(currently there are 15 spots, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE). Once in tier 1 the top 2 teams will advance to play into tier 2 and the bottom 2 teams from tier 1 will play in tier 2.

How many public scrim wins do we need for tier 2?