About Us

Revenge EU H1Z1 community

We’re Revenge EU, a community based organisation who has been around since the Z1 map. We formed together to create a place in H1 where people feel welcome and where people can show off their skills. We were gifted enough to get a private server in the Z1 map. We played 2’s games on the server and now we’ve been lucky enough to get the hosted games server in Z2 map.

If you’re new to H1Z1, hosted games may be a foreign word to you. The hosted games section can be found in the game under events > hosted games. You can check our schedule there or on our website. Hosted games are basically a private server where you need a code to enter and play. These codes are given out by us to players who deserve them. We’re a competitive hosted games server so we’re looking for the best players. We have the ability to spectate on the hosted games server and we typically broadcast the spectating live on Twitch.

Our current server features a 5s system, solos and fun games. You can find out more information about our server at the H1Z1:KotK – HOSTED GAMES tab. The Revenge team was formed by MountainFPS, Bashti89 and mNalicious. We’ve been running the community for a little over a year now and put a lot of our free time into this little project. We enjoy bringing a competitive based server to the H1Z1 community because we want the game to go forward in terms of E-Sports. Without a doubt the private servers helped H1 move forward.

Getting bigger with another games

Now we are about to grow with other games in our range.
Also our Admin-Team will grow a bit. You will see some changes coming up on our website aswell on our twitter.

We are excited to be expanding into Destiny 2, we are building a community of Destiny players, from players who want to find others to play co-op or for those who want to grind the competitive aspect of the game. We are connecting with Bungie to get their vision for how they see the competitive side of the game heading so that we can best create a community ready for the competitive scene!

A little bit about our admin team:

MountainFPS – Hey guys, my name is Chris aka mockit_christopher. I play H1Z1 for Mock-it esports. I’ve been playing H1 for close to 2 years now? I believe. I love this game and I love the community we’ve created I hope you can enjoy it as much as I do, you will meet a lot of nice people here. If you have any questions you can always DM me(sometimes i’m slow but I will answer eventually).  If you wanna know more about me you can click my twitch link bottom right of the page, I stream on a regular basis, come stop by and say hello :).

mNalicious – Hey boys and gals, my name is Mona aka mNaliCious! I play H1Z1 with a passion and I have been Team Manager of different H1Z1 Competitive Teams, Playing and enjoying H1Z1 since the beginning. Met a lot of awesome people in this community around Revenge.EU! Want to shoutout to all those who help us whenever we need help! Also if you have questions, you may ask em on twitter, discord or whenever I stream 🙂

Bashti89 –  Hey, my name is Sebastian aka Bashti, i live in Frankfurt / Germany. I Play H1Z1 for 2 Years now and i still love the Game! I Play for Euronics Gaming its a German Organization and we always wanna be the best German Team and 1 of the best European Teams! I love the Competitive Community around Revenge.EU and I am Proud to do as much as I can to keep it running! If u have Questions about me or what we doing with Revenge.EU u always can ask me!

m_itch – Hi everyone, my name is Mitch, you’ll see me around as m_itch, I play a variety of games including H1Z1, Rocket League, GTA and many more. I have been an admin for Revenge EU and Chicken Dinner Show in the past for around 8. I am also the co-founder and CEO of HMD Games, a name you haven’t heard the last of, and I will be heading up RevengeEU’s Destiny Expansion. We aim to build a thriving community of gamers for the title and I hope to see you around on October 24th for the PC launch!


Revenge EU team